Thomas Meier - Presentation & Short Bio

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Presentation: On the way to NMR at Mega-Bar Pressures: Observation of Nuclear Quantum Effects and Hydrogen-Bond Symmetrisation in High Pressure Ices

Short Bio
Thomas Meier studied physics in Leipzig University and obtained his Bachelor degree in 2010 working on NMR on biomacromolecules and his Master in Science in 2012 where he started working on high pressure NMR in DACs. He graduated with highest honours from the Felix Bloch Institute for Solid-State Physics of Leipzig University where he contributed significantly to the applicability of NMR in the high pressure sciences.
Since June 2016, he is a research fellow in the Bavarian Geoinstitute and continues to develop new methods for implementing NMR in diamond anvil cells close to mega-bar pressures.
His current research interest focuses on the behavior of hydrogen bonded systems, in particular high pressure ice and hydrous minerals.